Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Friendgirl had her regularly scheduled bout of 'I must scream at poor boyfriend' attack today morning. So I am not being spoken to. Bliss! Which won't last for too long but whats that saying again, "Carpe Diem, Baby."
Also, today brotherman enters third decade of life. Now if only his freaking social skills enter at least the second decade of life it would be great. Have to buy him something, which involves vast sums of money. Damn!
Went for a Boeing presser today. Blah blah Airbus is bad blah blah Airbus doesn't know what they're talking about blah blah We make better planes blah blah Air India was right. In all honesty though, I can't understand why Airbus is screaming and shouting so much about not getting the Air India order. Actually, in Boeing's defence the 777 is a killer aircraft when compared to the A340, I've flown on Singapore and Thai 777's while the Air France A340 was a rather bumpy ride.So big deal, Airbus, get over it.
Anyway, aircraft orders here aren't decided by aircraft rather by politics and cozying up to the US is better than cozying up to the Europeans, despite what the 'most knowledgable' Arindam Chaudhuri says. The man is quite a fraud.
Met Wertti last night and now that his DVD player is working again we treated ourselves to a movie I have been cringing not to watch, but had to watch because I had to complete something. Movie in question was Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Aw-fucking-ful. But, if I have to understand Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, I had to watch the movie. Yuck-yuck double yuck. And why did the press hype up Ayesha Dharker's two-second role into something it wasn't, anyway you can't even make out its her under the Queen of Naboo make-up.
If there is a movie that you must watch however, and god knows why I am thinking of it today, it is amazing movie called Shattered Glass about the guy who preceded Jayson Blair in print journalism fraud. Indian print editors would do well to watch the movie. And just looking at half the fraud and faux news stories on Aaj Tak, CNBC (especially) and NDTV (Profit in particular) and how can we forget the smaller channels which make a dead dog into headline news, so should TV editors. Anyway, thats it for now. Must go to gym and work on reducing some flab.

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