Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Its hot outside. Very hot. I think its 43 degrees Celsius outside in the shade. And Mallika Sherawat has big boobs - Today carried some very nice pics of her next to Jackie Chan. Unlike the gradually bloating Aishwariya, Mallika can show off her bod, and her tits. Maybe she is planning to be the next Monica Bellucci. The problem being that Monica Bellucci (I must see Malena) can act. However, her boobs are too firm and perfect to be a job done by the big man upstairs. I think they were done by some doctor in Bandra.
I am also now on a mission to check out this Arindam Chaudhuri guy. Seems like big fraud. Was talking to someone who handled his PR and he told me that the man survives on people joining the place to run their family businesses. They have average course fees of Rs 1.36 lakh per semester, which compares to the Rs 40k that Wertti paid for a sem in IIM-C. And I was also told that Ponytail Chicken Counter picks up the best students from his course and puts them into his own firms - consultancy, BPO, events, PR etc.
They have a batch size of around 3000 students and thus manage to get a lot of big companies onto campus. And with so much choice, some guys do get picked up, some don't want to get picked up and some (like in all B-schools) are too dumb to get picked up. And by putting huge ads in every bloody magazine and paper in this country, the man has managed to build enough media hype around the place that it can't get bad press. However, thanks to #2 who made some sweetly acidic remarks to the father of Che Kabir Chaudhuri (that kid is going to hate his father) he withdrew ads from us. Thank god for small mercies. I will get to the shady bottom of IIPM.
We recently did a Samsung story, why we did that story I have no idea given the shadiness of Samsung's recent past and the cases that have piled up against some of their former officials. Sometimes, things are quite puzzling.

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Anonymous said...

i am also interested to unmask arindam chaudhuri. he is fronting someone and laundering some black money. why don't we found a hush hush collaborative movement to dig out something about him?