Monday, May 16, 2005


You know what it takes to feel a bit better is a good old dose of porn.
And by good old porn, check out Mayfair magazine. Mayfair was a British smut magazine of the late 70's till 1990. This site is trying to archive and scan as many pics as possible. Old smut is a lot nicer than new smut.
I mean porn is making its way everywhere. Billboards scream out SEX, and lets not even go into Indipop videos. I'm not prudish, I'm the last thing from being pruish, after all I love smut - OK, maybe bukakke still disturbs me - but on the whole the interweb has been a dream for people like me. However, how much smut must we take? Must sex be used to sell everything from tea, batteries, ice cream and tyres. I can understand condom ads being sexy, but the new Moods condom ad is not at all that blatent. I mean the girl is biting the guys ear lovingly (hornily?) but she doesn't show us skin. I mean a skin show in a condom advert is understandable. On the other hand the new Kwality Walls adverts are well.... Hmm.
I think I agree with the point being made here.
And then there is that right-wing media hype creation Ann Coulter, made famous by Faux News (I've spent three and half weeks in the US to know that Faux News is really bad). Well, her nemesis is at it again.
Then there is the XBox 360. This my friends is the mother of all gaming consoles. No, it is the grandmother of all gaming consoles. Fuck, the spec chart makes me want to wank off. To a piece of computing superpowerness. This thing ought to be clasified as a supercomputer. Three 3.2GHz G5 chips. Not one, not two, THREE!
And to make things better for gamers (now occasional ones like myself included) Namco is releasing Soul Calibur III. I still remember the first Soul Calibur I had on my Dreamcast, it was the most advanced game of its time, and the second installment wasn't bad either. I lost the link, but it is something to look forward to. Why don't the electronics companies invite Indian journos to E3 in Las Vegas? I promise I won't screw around. Not too much anyway.
And you want to see what beauty on four wheels is? Then see the Mayback Exelero. It is fucking beautiful, and more. I'ld sell my soul (a la Dr Faustus - also German) for this. Wow!
And I'm not really that desperate to ever go to Chicago, but this article in the NYT gives me a very good reason to.

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