Monday, May 09, 2005

I hate my printer

I tried to print something while typing my blog entry and the stoopid ancient printer crashed my Firefox browser, and I lost my entire treatise on why Kaal is the most stoopidest movie ever made, and just a hint, its not because Malika Arora has cellulite, its just plain stooooooopid, whoever heard of a jungle with no animals (white bunny rabbits? a Nat Geo researcher who is arrogant? a beauty queen who can't even scream right? and a photographer who uses a cheap Sony handycam?). I hate FriendGirl for making me watch that crap. On the other hand Apocalypse Now: Redux is fucking awesome, made more so because I've read Konrad's Heart of Darkness. But, no critical analysis here now. I must work.

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