Friday, May 20, 2005

Pickled silly

The worst thing about waking up after a mad night is realising that you don't have a hangover. No siree, no hangover at all - because you're still fucking drunk. I don't even remember what happened last night - there was a huge issue with the bill at the Gurgaon TC and Friendgirl managed to reduce the bill by around a grand for Wertti who paid. Siddy and Rads were there too, but have no clue what we spoke about. All I remember is that I must have had at least five Martini's at Rick's - including a very nice Melon Martini. And then discussing why Lucas was inspired by Shakespeare (it went something like Shakespeare inspired Kurosawa and Lucas loved Akira, QED). Anyway, that was more fun than the Hemmingway discussion that Wertti was having with Jug. Friendgirl was very angry in the morning and wanted to break things - namely me. I need to sleep. And the entire time-lapse thing from Rick's to Jaggery Village is puzzling to me, how and why I got there is still a mystery.
On the plus side, I met a guy from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute today morning. Desi dude from Chandigarh who wanted to be a code-jock like hundreds of other desi's in the US but ended up being an 'Ocean Engineer' (his description not mine). He was quite a guy - a bit roboticist, biologist, geologist, archeologist, software engineer, materials engineer, aerodynamist all rolled into one. Hanumant Singh was a tremendously interesting man. I'll enjoy doing the story, pity its only a pager.
Anyway, now I must try and get over my drunkeness, and I have to remember to go for Sharma's engagement tonight. Poor sod.


Anonymous said...

TC-Gurgaon sucks and gaurav Sorel is a chor..see how he ran!!

K said...

Friendgirl come out of anonymity