Friday, June 03, 2005

We are all happy and gay.

India is a very progressive country. For homosexuals that is.
I mean how many other countries in the world can boast of a head of state who likes little boys. You know not the grandfather sort of liking, but... And before you get all jumpy on me and accuse me of defiling the name of the man with the mane who reverse engineered old Soviet missiles and nuclear bombs, can anyone conclusively prove to me that he is straight. You can't, because he does like little boys.
There was a school of thought in the NDA when they were nominating 'the mane' that getting him elected might be troublesome, because the itty-bitty secret of him liking little boys might spread out into the open. But, you see the media over here really doesn't (yet) care where Indian politicians dip their sticks, other than India TV that is. For gods sake we had a PM who lived in with a woman who was married to someone else and his 'foster' daughter is a spitting image of that PM. Then of course, there was Sanjay Gandhi whose pecker went into anything that walked. And the NDA couldn't exactly be hipocritical. I mean not only the leader, but also one of their constituent members have an 'otherwise inclined'. This man who leads possibly the potentially next 'big' state in India is famously otherwise.
And it gets better. At a party once, I was told by a guy I was trying to run away from (I value my virginal bum) that Baba G is also otherwise, well, actually Baba G is a swinger. This was told in the 'I should know' manner. I started thinking, hmmm, he looks it. Who would have thought it, the future PM of this country is bisexual. Wow!
I value my heterosexuality, but despite the fact that 'unnatural' sex is still outlawed according to the Indian Penal Code (food for thought, if you have ever given or accepted a blow job, you've broken the law, don't even start on anal sex) homosexuality survives at the very top in India. And of course, then there are PR types, fashion designers and air stewards. Proportionally more of these people tend to be prone to gaydom than well average joes. But, (and I don't want to be seen doubting every handholding incident here) more Indians tend to be gay than most. And this must have something to do with history.
For me however, it will have to continue to be women. Scarlett Johanssen won't be bad.


closetalk said...

hmmm... so are u a gay-basher, dude?
wat abt when de gays are not bashing (hitting on) you?

;-) amused.

K said...

Don't know about being a gay basher and using the excuse that "I have gay friends" sounds very well.. lame. Its more like, "don't hit on me and I won't hit you" sorta relationship I have with those men who like men. I think!

K said...

And I'm pretty sure that almost every straight man on the face of this planet has at least one homosexual fantasy. Me, I can't think of one right now.

Anonymous said...

"And I'm pretty sure that almost every straight man on the face of this planet has at least one homosexual fantasy", hmmmm, really.....the only pickle smoocher fantasy i have right now is to fist u, hard n raw, n wud u like that with a order of crapola on the (in)side!!!

K said...

ouch, so anon who are you...

Anonymous said...

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