Friday, June 17, 2005

New phone yet again

The plus side about my job is that I am the resident reviewer. That is also the negative side of my job. At times you get landed with some of the weirdest products man has ever made. Like this Chinese contraption that I am told is a phone.

This is the Haier P7. Haier for those of you who don't know is a Chinese appliances company which is the world's largest manufacturer of refridgerators or something like that. Apparent, like a million other Chinese companies they also make phones. And when their phones don't sell in markets other than their own village (in Shanghai you just gotta have a Nokia) they come to journo's and ask what they are doing wrong. You see, they did all the MR correctly (yeah, right!) and phones like this are what users demanded. Huh?
I won't call this Fugly, that term is reserved for Indian porno actors, this phone is plain weird. And they call it the 'pen' phone, but it isn't a pen, and even it were it would be a very ugly (though 'bright') pen. Talking about Indian porno actors, why can't we have good looking women? Huh? Vivid Video needs to hire some Indian women pronto. And if you are a well hung guy who wants to break to the porno industry. Read these tips.
Just to prove I am not a sexist, misogynist pig, tips for those who have big titties too.
I was reading an article in The Pioneer today and they tried to say that the image that Mallika Sherawat has created of studying in a rural Haryana school is all bunkum and that she went to a big South Delhi school. But they didn't name the school. Well folks, Mallika Sherawat went to Delhi Public School, Mathura Road. And according to those who I know who went there (the twins among others - I went to Sant Kolombus as Z-14 spelt it) she was quite the fast chick. Not strange. And her house in Delhi is somewhere near Civil Lines. I think it is in Civil Lines. And by the way, her real name is Reema Lamba and her dad is actually a very nice guy. Sometimes the trivial gossip I manage to acquire is awesome!
Nice advert.
Nicer advert!
Anyway, I head off for the weekend, which involves me getting my little Alto serviced for the third time tomorrow and getting its windshield replaced. Me having to spend money, lots of it because of the screw up last weekend. And hoping that Kimi can pull off another win at Indy. It should be good, because next week looks frightening.


Anonymous said...

this is sexist shit.
a pox on you!

rums said...

tee hee, that reminded me, little g got her chicken pox vac recently...

Rashmi Bansal said...

If u'd like to be a freelance writer for JAM magazine from Delhi - we'd be pleased to have u! Get in touch.