Monday, June 06, 2005

Effing Monday.

If you are one who believes in the Bible, you know the part when Gawd chucked Adam and Eve out of paradise because they ate an apple he created Monday to punish them. Well, I made that up, but because its on my blog - It must be true. But as Mondays go, today hasn't been too bad, so far, only 11 or so more hours to go before I'll be blissfully welcoming Tuesday and a story deadline. It could have been worse, but it is not 434 degrees outside and I got parking and didn't have to find an abandoned piece of pavement to hoist my car onto.
Pakisatn seems to be the flavour of the month for politicos and journos. Advani and Mani both took their leagues of stormtroopers to Pakistan. I mean what does Pakistan actually have to offer other than good beef and cheap AK-47's. Not much. OK, so I won't mind going down to see Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro but why would I want to go to Pakistan other than for the food, maybe for the good Afghan hash, but Manala is better than Mazar - stoning wise. And even then, Karims is a lot closer. The funny thing is that a lot of the rum produced in India ends up in Pakistan, and if the governments were legalise the rum trade, it would be quite beneficial to both sides. For example, the Paki's could send us their molassess, we'll hoist it over to Mohan Meakins in Solan and send them the rum. Win-win for everyone. I mean, I think Pakistan is so tight-assed because they don't get enough booze into their system.
Read in the Express today that the Delhi government wants to make the Panchsheel-GK-Defcol-Nizamuddin nala into a Venetian waterway. As a old resident of Panchsheel Enclave, who has seen the little nala become a raging river during the monsoons, this is quite an idea. If they pull it off, I'll be surprised, but pleasantly so. Anyway, a colleague just told me that I have to go on a new thread altogether for the story I'm working on. Damn!

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