Monday, June 06, 2005

GK-2's waterway

It took me twenty minutes from Savitri flyover to get to GK-2, because the rains had made the road into a raging river. Plus, the cops blocked the right turn under Moolchand flyover. I would love to strangle Delhi's road planner. Then again one visit to Bangalore, Mumbai or Kolkata and maybe any Indian city would make me change my mind. However, I still find it surprising that a thunderstorm casn bring the capital of the world's largest democracy to its needs. Instead of building Venetian waterways the government should look at improving drainage systems.
I notice Captain Gopinath, the chatterbox is using the media once again to promote his Rs 1 fares. Don't get me wrong, I think that Gopinath has done a great job, its only that he talks waaaaaay too much when you call him for something. I remember the first time I met him, he talked to me for two hours. Anyway, it is summer and load factors are down, Mani has cut ATF prices (not petrol and at $55 a barrel its unlikely) these Rs 1 fares are unlikely to survive into the holiday season. And anyway at Rs 20 for a bottle of water, he has a decent revenue stream. Lets see how the papers report it and lets see what people say about the case that Jet has against it in the US, it might be interesting. Alleging that Jet is connected to Dawood and company, something that Arun Shourie has been trying to say for years. I wonder how Praful will play this game. A quick phone call to Norman Mineta maybe?
Wertti is off to the land of the rising Sun tonight, lucky bastard and he is travelling Business Class too. I also wanna go Nippon the land of gadgets and Manga. Damn!
Chalo, it is getting late I'll post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

is the dawood-JA thing for real?? i think it might be true n if thats the case then faaaaaaaaaaaaaaak praful, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaak 'em all, anything even remotely got anything to do with dawood, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak it....JA got balls the size of manhattan to be rail-roading india for so long in the back side digging some good ole treasure for itself.....

shyam said...

Dude, did you get that mail i'd sent you?