Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Governmental issues

I met a leading light of the opposition the other day. And he whined and cribed about the Italian and her acolytes. Yet he is in the opposition. An opposition which over the past two months has been desperately trying to unravel itself. This is despite the fact that the Italian's government is screwing up in virtually everything possible. So we are left with Prakash Karat being the opposition. But you gotta hand it to the commies, in India they are in the unique situation of being both in the ruling coalition as well as the opposition. So will they withdraw support? Nobody thinks so, at least right now. But come December 2006 when the Bongs and Mallu's (or whatever is left of them) go to the polls, many expect the ruling alliance to unravel.
Which will be a good thing. You see, what has this government done? Lets look at the more photogenic ministers - Mani Aiyar - he loves talking. All the gas in the KG basin must be from his mouth. Then there is P Chidambaram, aka Chiddu Chodu who has been banging a lot of blondes but doing almost nothing else when it comes to policy (but I have to admit that his demolition of Raghav Behl live on CNBC made for amazing TV). I mean just because the two brothers have told the world that they love each other all the cases against them get dropped? Wow! Just gotta love good governance. PM Sayeed, our power minister - to him I have one question and one question only, "Show me the power?" Dayanidhi Maran, idiot or jackass, make your choice. Like it or not the two men we have to thank for India's current telecom revolution are Sukh Ram and Pramod Mahajan. Yes and we know that they are both lovers of Gandhi (Gandhi's printed on reams of paper, that is).
PeePee and his master Sharadji. Well, their party has denizens like RR Patil who go around banning dance-bars, but while Sharad Pawar has done nothing really damaging, PeePee has ensured that a hitherto two-hour Delhi-Mumbai (or vice-versa) flight takes three hours now by allowing everyone and their uncle to start an airline. And virtually nothing has been done on the airport privatisation front. Nothing, zilch, because the loony left thinks it will take away jobs. Someone buy Prakash Karat a new economics book, please!
Then of course, the Bihari's - Raghuvansh Yadav has supposedly done a good job. After all this is the 'Rural Development' government. But that good work is more than ruined by Lalu and Paswan. Need I say more. Long live Bihar!
The Home Ministry has allowed the Naxal's and Maoists to get an upper hand in Bihar and AP, and further the cause of the loony left. We are going to be beholden to even more loony left very soon. And now the entire North East wants to secede. Someone described Natwar Singh as Sonia Gandhi's steno. Well, that is pretty much on the ball.
The problem here is that the opposition might crib and shout, might they have no alternatives. You see the opposition in India still talks about Veer Savarkar and MA Jinnah. People who have no relevance in my life, and for that matter the life of anyone born after 1975. The Emergency was a bad thing, yes, and will this Mrs Gandhi also decalre an emergency is what many in the BJP think. Yes, we shouldn't forget the Emergency, where the Press was censored and men had their, well, manhood corrected. But Rahul Gandhi is not Sanjay Gandhi (he's too sweet) and who'll play Jagmohan this time round?
Anyway, thats the morning rant on India's politics. More later in the day.

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You lurve BJP, I assume?