Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bitchin' and Links

What the hell?
"Till modern airports are constructed, the latest aviation boom will remain a balloon that can be punctured anytime when reality dawns."
I mean, this is one of the few rational articles in the entire magazine and it ends like this. If you want to funnier gaffes, please read on at this website. But given that IRS data reveals that three-quarters of the readers of Indian business publications have monthly household incomes of under Rs 20,000, the ponytailed meister of spin via adverts might have hit some sort of a Jackpot. But no, the magazine even claims to be intellectual dropping names like some social butterfly. To give you some more classic examples, which make members of the desk in HT (at least when I worked there) seem unbelievably normal.
"The vast Indian hinterland will no longer remain devoid of the information explosion via the Internet."
I mean, can you really claim that "90% of your writers are MBA's" if they all did their MBA's in some unrecognised institute?
What the hell, I must be really, really bored to be writing all this stuff. Brilliantly lovely Wednesday isn't it. Given that I have to now go to the gym, its just going to get more brilliant. Plus, I was informed that I have ride a cycle to office. More about that later.
Anyway, if you are a really big Maria Sharapova fan, you can now download a grunt of hers as a ringtone.
This is creepy!
I think the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes hook-up is really really creepy. But then again, virtually the entire blogosphere has written about that. Anyway, recently on NBC's Today show Cruise who is a priest of some sort in the Scientology religion (which is very weird) called psychiatry 'evil'. Well, here is the rebuttal.
Poor Paki's, no porn for them. Now how will the bearded one communicate with his followers?
$12million with a stroke. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

"I mean, this is one of the few rational articles in the entire magazine and it ends like this.".....ok sheikh-speare, people should get the message loud and clear even if the delivery is crass......i for one am scared of what AAI is going to do.......the supposed international airports they have, its a shame man......i have worked at JFK airport in NY for 4-5 years now and I just cannot fathom the AAI or the government doing even a shit-drop of what it takes to plan, design, build and operate a big, effecient airport for decades and decades to come......the airports are going to be built, no doubt, i just hope that they don't spiral-fuck it with any haste planning and leave us with rigid subzi-mandis fit for bullock-cart racetracks......last time i checked their website, they had a posting for a hot-shot planning position paying less than 20k per month, what a crock of crapola, and that too they are gonna hire from inside, this is nuckin the dude would say, where is the infrastructure man!!

K said...

In my first post of yesterday I mentioned that Peepee is mad. the flight time del-mum (v.v) is now almost 3 hours, scenic views of the aravalis/navi mumbai thrown in. I sadly think they might be an accident soon, yet I fly to Cal tomorrow. however, crass delivery does make a story suck. btw, read the site's review on the crapola that was rok sako to rok lo (which i sadly saw 20 mins of on cable) even that superman movie was better.

Anonymous said...

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