Thursday, June 23, 2005


I tried to be kanjoos and ended up seeing a crappy little place in Lokhandwala. Will have to up the offering a bit because there are some places in Juhu I saw as well. Even though it is far from the station, the place I saw had a big loo. Big clean loo is more important to me than big bedroom. Am delaying Delhi by a day, might leave tomorrow, no make that will leave tomorrow, because I must try and avoid getting sucked into the weekend here. Also dumped that stupid Haier phone which looked like a bad remote and was more useless than one. I also saw the latest entrant to the business magazine space, with a picture of Darth Vader on the cover? Compelling, eh? Everything in the magazine is compelling according to the ponytailed wunderguru, but I'm just compelled to tear it up. Brilliant examples of quoting corporate communicators (what the heck is that?) and some shady user in a Nokia story, getting the name of India's GM boss wrong and calling Toyota a relative unknown. "90% of our writers are MBA's" they scream, unfortunately all are from the ponytailed man's institute and if their business analysis is like this, man be scared very scared. I give it six more months. No wonder they had to deal with all thev rejection from journalists, tghis thing is more hare-brained than 'Let there be light', which incidentally is the school motto is Vir's old school - Mayo College Ajmer. Who was telling me their ad was innovative? OK, I love Prasoon Pandey's work, but the message, the message...
Have tons of meetings now, so gotta go off.

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