Wednesday, June 08, 2005

His Royal Saharaness lives. Confusion ensues!

Outlook in a remarkable piece of Outlook journalism, which involves putting rumours to paper (Their absolutely stunning rumour mill story on Reliance as an example), came out with a remarkable cover last week, "Have you seen this man?" it cried. The 'Man' in question being the Royal Saharness - Shri Shri (I made that up) Subrata Roy. (Now if you work for Sahara which means that you've either touched the mans feet or sucked his pecker you need to add any one of the following titles to his name - Exellency, Exalted, Divine, Godlike, or preferably all of them together plus some.)
Today, that other brilliant rumour platform - appropriately called Today (but at least it comes in Tabloid format) says - Noooooooo - HE IS ALIVE. So, in a brilliant piece of Frankenstein sci-fi doctors have made His Royal Saharaness recover from whatever ailment was afflicting him (which depending on who you believed ranged from AIDS to BP with Blood Cancer thrown in for good measure). Now a few weeks ago, ET, which seems to have recovered from its mad super-colourful phase of a year ago (must be because one of the suits at Jain and Jain Company Limited noticed the printing bills they were running up - which I believe is not too far off the mark actually) wrote that His Royal Saharaness had a succession plan in place for his loser sons. Whose weddings (no actually only the younger one) I went to (and I remember little amidst the Blue Label). One gets this and the other that - neither seems to get the Para-Banking part which makes His Royal Saharaness all his money (plus the bit where the Dawood sucking Samajwadi Party types also park their money with him).
Anyway, the big story remains the 'konfusion' within the BhaJaPa, who replaces Advani? What now? Who can make Praveen (I have Rabies) Togadia froth at the mouth? (Vir Sanghvi, Shekhar Gupta maybe? They have before.) Anyway, ToI did a whole page on Advani, short of an obit, they carried everything. In fact, when Advani dies they can reproduce this page more or less ditto. Anyway, the surpring thing has been the disappearance of Arun Jaitley and Pramod Mahajan. Both are in London or New York supposedly and are coming back today. CNBC actually had an interesting programme yesterday with Rajdeep, Swapan and CS moderated by Karan Thapar and people who watched it believe that it was the best show of the lot last night. Surprising, considering you had Swapan and Rajdeep around the same table.
Abhi kya hoga? I dunno, but I still believe that Lalu Yadav should not be aloowed to take advantage of this and come back to power in Bihar. That state is dysfunctional and needs better leaders.
I saw Bunty aur Babli last night. I still can't understand the plot, and Rani Mukherjee despite losing a lot weight is still flabby to be showing too much skin. But all said and done, the movie is a old fashioned musical. Its decent timepass, I guess. But I really want to watch D, its all about Dawood. No Mandakini under a waterfall though! Shucks!
I just thought this is a funny link.

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