Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday lazy sunday.

Slept till late, watched The Empire Strikes Back for no apparent reason, am watched a lot of History Channel got bored with Diana Hayden trying to teach me history. It might have been better if she was wearing fewer clothes, but to the boffins at Star, trying to sell History Channel with Miss Haydan is a bad idea. Because the programming is sometimes so incredibly dumb, show me more World War II stuff, you know like the battles at Gudalcanal and Iwo Jima. Am watching MotoGP right now while drinking some new Columbian coffee mother brought from her last trip, beats the hell out of the crap you get at any coffee joint (icluding mocha) now all I need is a hookah and life would be perfect. Have to attend a silly dinner later tonight, which will involve fishing out white shirt and (more importantly) having a bath, maybe even some dental and personal hygiene. Trying to figure out why Yamaha, who have Valentino Rossi on their rolls can't sell any decent numbers in India. John Abraham might have sped up moto drag racing with Dhoom but having the world champion on your rolls and winning races one after another should help Yamaha sell more bikes. Anyway, I must get back to horizontal; position.

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shyam said...

Coming to these parts for the first time, so will give you the displeasure on making one comment on all the posts I've read. Apologies in advance.

Yams don't sell well anymore in India because they bring out totally wussy bikes like the YBX, Libero and Fazer (WTF?????!). I mean, if you want to aim for the pocket-conscious crowd, then why dub your machines as performance machines? Moreover, they have totally lost on the legacy of the RX and RD. Can't believe it is even the same company.

Gaurav Sorel is the TC/ CTC chappie? It is kind of funny that they have the DJ rig on a piano at CTC. Weird!

And yeah, if you've ever worked at the Express, you'd never complain about PIIs, 486s are the sex there, at least it used to be, now PIIs are the orgy!

BTW, does okay drinks at the Orange Room mean sub 250 a pop ones or the horrible, overpriced crap they try to sell you at most places in Delhi under the name of 'cocktails'. Had LITs at two differet places on Sat night and both sucked royally, one was for 275 and the other for 400. These people should be lined up and shot.