Sunday, June 12, 2005


I've calmed down a fair bit since the morning, did a few weights and am thinking that I was taking things too seriously, as usual. No need to blow my head over such things. I don't smoke up enough nowadays. I miss the old K, the college student of five years ago, who wouldn't give a flying eff about stuff like this. Work is making me grow weird and I suddenly realise just how much pot usded to numb me to the real world. Anyway, I am heading to the Canadian Embassy to watch the race, I hope Schumi or Kimi can make sure that Fernando Alonso doesn't run away with the title.
And this is a blog, and editing statements out is well, unfair. It kinda conveys my weird schizo-ness. Am much better, and it took no smoking up, but I could do with one though!

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