Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Edit meeting blues

Sometimes I just want to rip out whatever little hair I have left on my rapidly balding head and scream, "Why me?" End of the day, I know I need to have more rigour in my stories, much more rigour. But, I'm an intrinsically lazy SOB. If you had to attribute one of the deadly sins with me, I'ld take over the role of 'Sloth'. Yup, Sloth is me.
Its raining outside, the weather in Delhi is finally bearable and here I am sitting in a climate controlled office pondering why's and wherefore's. Damn. I sometimes hanker back to the 18th century when I could have a rich landlord, screwing the peasant girls and smoking up while watching mujra's. That said, I don't know whether my family line ever had such characters.
Talking about family, I have to visit Calcutta this weekend. This is a 'have to' visit sort of trip to the city of my birth. No matter what people tell me about how lovely Cal is, my memories of Cal are, well, put it this way, rather unromantic and usually involve too much food. Way too much food. And the part about meeting relatives. I know my parents have 'fond' memories of growing up and doing all sorts of stuff when they were teenagers in Cal, but I grew up in Delhi and while Delhi, particularly South Delhi lifestyle and enjoyment usually involves how well you can throw money around, it is the only sort of 'growing up in a city' experience I've had. But this weekend its Cal. So lets see how it goes.
Now back to rigourous work.

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