Thursday, June 23, 2005


Spent an hour with the person I was supposed to meeet. Have gotten the comp in office up and running, Microsoft Exchange allows me to view my official email, well, until I move here once and for all that is. And I missed the interweb, my dear old interweb and all things wild and wonderful that the interweb shows me. Instead in Bombay I find myself in a sexually delinquent city where half the city is screwing the other half. Its bad. I still can't work out what a 'mental affair' is, and if 'mental' affairs stand for platonic brouhaha, then I've had several of those. But I still prefer the affairs where bodily fluids are exchanged. Anyway, I am still a Delhi boy at heart and even though many of my friends are from Delhi here they've all become Mumbaiya's, including Shekhar. Shekhar's paper, Mumbai Mirror, for all the crap cutting they do, did something very interesting lately, they sent out two of their young correspondents to canoodle on the streets. And then write a story on the weird Mumbai cops. Anyway, too much commentary, I have a story to write.
But for now, I will give you all some linx.. Yay! Now get up, strip your clothes off and dance!
Showered in Light, literally.
I want one, no it ain't a Playmate, its a new toy!
I have a bad feeling about this and thousands of Hero Honda's
I have a bad feeling about this and Bossman
more later...


Bonatellis said...

what are u doing in Mumbai, btw? changing jobs? or just shifting cities in the same org?

K said...

shifting cities, same org