Thursday, June 30, 2005

Long live Thursday!

Given the rather ramshackle condition of India's aviation infrastructure, I believe that by flying to Calcutta tomorrow I am putting my life in the hands of the Saville Row suited and booted Mr PeePee. PeePee whose single agenda was to improve the lot of India's private airlines (or rather Jet Airways) at the cost of Indian Airlines and Air India has kinda ruined the joy of flying for me. But, I bitch about PeePee too much. Now lets talk about that 'Old Witch' Mrs G (original). I liked today's HT graphic where Nixon and Kissinger bitch out Mrs G (original) and call Indians 'Slippery, treacherous people'. Thank god the cold war is over, and anyway as good desi's remember that Nixon was impeached (though that will never happen to ANY politician in India despite crimes far worse) and Kissinger has the blood of thousands of dead American troops in Vietnam on him, and anyway the President is dead and Kissinger is irrelevant. So much so, that yesterday, the good bumbling Bong in the cabinet met Kissinger's newest heir, Ms Condawondalezza Rice and signed some sort of deal with her by which we say "USA, USA, USA" like bumbling idiots in a WWE wrestling game.
Not that you heard anyone in the BJP saying how evil the Americans were. No, even the suave Arun Jaitley would agree with the contention that Mrs G (original) was a bitch. After all she locked up the man for 19 months. Anyway, you'ld be hard pressed to find a BJP man who will say that Mrs G (Italian copy) is NOT a witch. After all, given the rather relentless pursuit of BJP acolytes by the current government (all the hallmarks of a witch-hunt, sorry I did study Macbeth thats why the obsession with witches) Mrs G (Italian copy) is a witch and more. Worse she is Italian, and you'll hear hushed voices saying that "she eats pasta", then adding "without ketchup." Oh my god!
But, the way that Mrs G (Italian copy) has started to attack Hitler-copy Narendra Modi about the gas find is quite peculiar. The same journalists who were tom-tomming the rather dubious claims by Cairns and Reliance are now calling Modi a liar. Which I'm sure that Modi is, but surprisingly oily Aiyar is not attacking Modi directly rather using his fan-club to do it. Prominent members of the Mani Aiyar fan-club are ET and ToI, or rather their oil correspondents. All these oil and gas findings should be taken with a massive dose of salt. So massive in fact that you might die from salt poisoning.
On a personal note. I ate lunch at Nirula's Salad Bar in CP today. Quite sad whats happened to Nirula's. It seems that the coffee-bar revolution and more notably McDonalds and the Pizza jpoints have killed them off. Quite sad. The food is still decent though! So when in CP check out the lunch buffet at PotPourri. Rs 190+taxes well spent. More later in the day!


Anonymous said...

I hate this fuckin US of Assinine-Arrogant Assholes.......everyday i read news in the indian media about how indians in india love the US and how they have a favorable opinion of it n blah fuckin blah and it makes me shit in my pants......indians have no idea what the pricks here think about india or for that matter any other country, u hafta be here n study n work n live with them to know n to truely hate this country n its people......till now i have only come across 2-3 people in my 5-6 yrs of existence here who i have found to be not deeply conceited n prejudiced......i have heard more about jesus n bible n what they say in my time here than i have jagged-off till now n i do spill-my-nutts a lot believe me......i like all religions n i think they are all equal n have something to learn from, but i have people here walking up to me n striking a conversation which have, "christianity is better, so become a christian", written all over it, WTF......india n indians r far more secular n tolerant than this country n its people......i know of a lot of young indians, some my friends, who had great jobs in the US n who r slowly returning to india fed up of this ballwashing country n i for sure am gonna return too, even though i live in nyc which is the most alien-friendly places in this huge dump of god......make no mistake, i admire this country for its development n technical prowess n what they have achieved till now, this country has a lot for everybody to learn in their respective fields, n i guess thats what india's n indians' policy should be, milk this country as much as possible, learn n take as much as u can from here n then leave this dump......of course india would get milked in return too, but then again, hasn't it been for ages, only now, we r in a position to tap them too........i did my masters here n jeez the young generation here is of the most moronic of gene pools......u can see it in their schools n colleges n at workplaces, there r like 2-5% people who are really good n they lead n the rest just follow them, suckin n ballwashing them up all their life......n don't get me started on the thousand of ways this society can fug u out your hard-earned money n on top of it act as if they did u a favor......pheeeeew i needed to rant man.....the only reason i wud like this country is the movies they make, even though bollywood can match hollywood with classics like superman, man that was hillarious......sorry for stealing ur blog-o-rant for a moment.

K said...

Please steal, but with credit.. :-)
I loved your line, calling yamarika 'Huge Dump of God'. I was in Georgia last summer for two weeks, and while those two weeks were at the relatively decent environs of CNN, its unbelievable how weird the yanks were. The babes are hot and the sex is good though!

Colin said...

the lunch buffet at Nirula's (the Pegasus restaurant) in L-Block is for Rs 99 a head..frm noon to my personal opinion..the best value for money buffet in the city right now...

Anonymous said...

it is a huge dump man, both the US and Canada......look at their fuggin sizes and their population......they should be bringing junta from mexico and india (both are one of the hardest working ppl here) and let them inhabitate their almost empty midwest (US) and the Northwest Territories (Canada) and let them get something good out of those vast dumps.

ah cnn, you should have seen them on the election night, most of their newscasters and analyst had a hard time declaring bush and the repugnicans victorius while it was apparent that they felt nauseated doing so.......apart from the fact they are liberal-oriented, i hate CNN, its giving birth to another fuggin culture/generation, where news for the sake of news is becoming a norm and creating/inventing news is considered brilliant!!!!

btw, do u know that female anchor of a show on CNBC (i see it mostly on the weekends on the cnbc international channel here) called Storyboard???man she is one irritating female anchor, she is a machine, put a coin in and you start hearing voices!!!

K said...

Ah, Anuradha Sengupta. lets not get started on her. But, ALL CNBC anchors/correspondents over here are irritating or rather 'I know it all, so shut up', its unfair to single her out. But I believe that CNBC Intenational is shutting down the Indian feed?