Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Of Wertti and other demons...

Wertti returned from Nippon and got himself, among other things, a iPod and a Digicam. More importantly he got me Manga comix. What a friend! Manga defines Nippon's weirdity. I have a huge collection of Manga Anime cartoons - and these are not the sweet Pichaku or Pokemon type comix, these are seriously disturbing animated movies. Deisturbing because the Jap's notion of sexuality of sexual perverseness takes on a whole new dimension when you watch this sort of stuff. Anyway, so Wertti and I got like really stoned last night and we talked about Japan, and there are things he said that are well, unfit to print. And he made me listen to silly romantic J-Rock, what was the album called again Sad Sad Planet or something. Don't know why but it is still playing back in my head. The guy also got me some new lamp, will make nice addition to my soon to be new place.
Wanted to watch Mr and Mrs Smith but the PVR had no tickets. Sad. Anyway, today I have to gym and work out logistics about next weeks travel. I want to see if I can do both Bombay and Bhuj, I doubt it so the big city it will be then. I haven't been to Bombay in around four-five months, so a recce there would be good fun, but I doubt I'll have too much spare time because work will be a killer.
Anyway, life otherwise is rather sad sad life. But, what to do, can't back down because pride and morals won't let me do that so lets see what happens. I've semi given up though! No point flogging a dead horse.


Bonatellis said...

are u shattered?

K said...

I don't think so, strangely calm. Maybe I'm just in a state of delusion inspired denial, but thankfully the workload for the next three weeks will mitigate the risk of me taking up the bottle.