Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blogito Ergo Sum v2

I've already had a post with this title before, therefore this is part two. Anyway, Bossman who knows I blog from work and little snippety things about work sent me this article which was printed in the NYT about blogging from work. (Registration Required)
Now, since my boss sent this me, it obviously means something to the effect that 'I won't fire you for blogging from work'. Of course, I will still get fired for being a lazy slob. But it raises an important point. I work for a periodical which celebrates Indian capitalism. As usual, I digress here, but there is a complete lack of cover designers in India, some recent covers of some rather well-circulated magazines have been abso-fucking-lutely hilarious. See, I think all magazines should just give up and just plaster Yana Gupta/Sheetal Malhar/Jesse Randhawa on their covers whether they are sports/business/auto or general.
But blogging from and about work is fun at times and helps get rid of the stress, and if you're not revealing something critical - like what will be the lead flyer in a newspaper tomorrow or critical business information, I guess its safe. I've written about pressers I've attended (and made fun of them), my personal opinion about news-stories and the times that I have disagreed about some stories that even my own publication has printed. Half the stuff here is about how most journalists in this country are blind as bats and dumbfucks, no correct that, they are extremely dumbfucks. That does not mean that I am not a dumbfuck. I might be goodfuck, but that doesn't mean I'm endowed with something up there as well. OK, OK, I'm being corny here.
But thats what this blog is about. Its a fun blog, written by two fun guys, OK one fun guy because Snakeman has become a boringfuck.
Pump up da ego, ego, ego.
Anyway I have just spent the last ten minutes blogging when I should have been working. Now, that I can get fired for. I should really retitle this blog to the 'Random Rantings of a Random Ranter'. Shucks.


Anonymous said...

so what's the latest goss on DNA? asking 'cos am planning to job hunt in that direction.

K said...

From what I've heard people are already planning to leave. But those rumors have been on for some time. However the paper is still not up to ToI standards.

livinghigh said...

hmmmm.... i know wat u mean. my old boss found de whole blog thing very cute... she was very, very patronising about it, but of course i'm not quite de firebrand journo u are! ;-)

PS: sita looks cute!

K said...

Firebrand? me? I'll put me in category - lazy, fat, slob.

Anonymous said...

what exactly do you mean the paper is not upto ToI standards? what standards?

K said...

Ah, the ToI non-standards game huh? Well, I think that Jojo has done a great job at ToI over the past six months, and while ToI still has huge issues regarding editorial content, it still has better edit content than the other papers in this city. Anyway, fact of the matter is that I like the Times. It is still the best crapper read in Mumbai.