Monday, August 01, 2005

Feeling rather screwed.

This is my new blog, where I will try and encapsulate how 'me' - upper middle class Delhi kid from 'elite and propah' society attempts to move into a hole in the wall in a new city. Destiny is sending me to Waterworld instead of Harvard, I'm damned.
What has always surprised me about Indian sports coverage, both TV and Print is that the media always ends up doing stories lamenting how XYZ sports get no coverage. For example, there was one in HT a couple of weeks ago which lamented how the Snooker championships got no sponsorship. But other than Narain, our man in the Jordan (at least for another six races) people seem to be more interested on Ganguly's ban (or will he be allowed to play) rather than how east Bengal tried to shaft Baichung Bhutia of money (after all they ARE sponsored by Kingfisher). I'm sure Narain's progress in F1 is interesting, but as I have said before, after he defended what Jordan did in the US GP (and he let Tiago Monterio to defeat him) I lost all respect. Anyway, after Kimi won yesterday, I think the season might gather some interest all over again.
Folks are thinking of going to Vietman in January, and have asked me if I want to tag along, as a sweetner they have said my younger is not coming along. Which is a great thing.

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