Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Sometimes the perks of the job are wonderful.
Boeing has recently launched their latest jet - the Boeing 777-200LR which has a published range of 17,600km and two whopping GE-90-115B engines which churn out 230,000 pounds of thrust. That is around 100,000 kgs of pure power.
Anyway the point is, Boeing has invited some 30-odd reporters for a joyride to show off the plane to two customers Air-India and Jet Airways (even though the first plane, the one we ride on is being delivered to Pakistan International Airlines) for a two-hour joyride over Delhi tomorrow morning. And I am gonna be there. I love planes and love riding planes and this is great. I have flown shorter range versions of the Boeing 777 on Singapore and Thai, and it is a great plane. I really am looking forward to this.
The bummer is that I have to report at the airport at 7.30 in the morning. Which is freaking early.


memorykeeper said...

That's great. Congratulations. Whose arm did you have to twist to wrangle an invite?!! :-) Looking forward to reading about your 777 sojourn. Any chance of pics?

K said...

No arms twisted, I just cover the right beats.