Friday, August 05, 2005

200th post!

I should really make this post interesting, but sitting in office for no reason other than to expect a phone call from someone I am supposed to speak to, I'm getting bored and thus I thought I might as well blog some links for everyone to enjoy. But first..
Snakeman has disappeared from the face of the planet, his phone is perpetually switched off, wonder if his training has started? Friendgirl wants to kill me for ignoring her. I'm still tired from no sleep. And sometimes I think that I should quit this profession, become a panwari or something and live a simple, happy, contented life. Anyway, on another note, the Dawood's daughter business has been disproven after ToI was sent those images (by me!) and did all sorts of hard work, see the article.
There is a new search engine in the web called Previewseek. I tried it out, and while seemingly slicker than Google, I'll stick to what I know. And you can also personalise your Google homepage if you have a Gmail account, in case you didn't know that. But, then again, I guess you did.
If you're feeling terribly bored, you can do what I did and read the archives of the Darwin Awards site. If you gotta go, you gotta go in style. Or check out the Wayback Machine, where you see really really old stuff on the net. Even stuff that should ideally be taken off the net.
Rubber Band Warfare, for the truly bored or those still in school.
Disturbing art by Trevor Brown.
Yup, so what if yamaha uses John Abraham to advertise their bikes in India, despite having Valentino Rossi driving for them. They give you the chance to make cool paper bikes.
And Italy has a River of Cocaine!
So, 200 posts for a blog that started in January. Not bad at all. Which means that I will gradually lose all interest is real life soon and plug myself into a DSL modem. Or maybe lose it like Dave Chappelle. Dang, that was a funny show.
If small M&M's aren't your scene. Welcome to Mega M&M's. I'll tell my friends to get some back from America. Big people need big M&M's.

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