Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mid-week partying.

H dragged me along with him last night, telling me that I needed to drink hard. The problem is that with H around I tend to drink way too much, and as on cue, last night I ended up with way too much whiskey and beer in my system. Anyway, one strange thing about this city so far is the amount of friend-politics – A wants to smash B’s face in because A thinks B has been fooling around with A’s girlfriend C. B claims he is totally innocent, and most people think that C is setting everything up, blah blah blah. And then there is the issue with ex-girlfriends. There is the sort of uncomfortable shifting around when people who don't talk to each other meet each other in a public place. Even worse, the person who has juggle the egos of your friends is you - and that isn't easy, but I find it easier now than before. Its strange when you suddenly discover that everybody is sleeping with everybody else. The amount of sex going around is scary and that’s also why people start falling out with each other – but then again – what do people do? Sex to karma parta hain na?
Something strange I was discussing in office today, someone was mentioning Matrimonial adverts, and I remembered a conversation I once had with the Classifieds manager in HT, Delhi. He told me told me hidden references in matrimonial adverts – sorry if you think these are sexist – I just think that they’re funny. If the term ‘Convented’ (i.e.: Convent Educated) is used – that means the girl is a virgin (And I always thought that girls from Convent schools were horny bunny rabbits – I think I have a rabbit fixation happening). If the term ‘Outgoing’ or ‘Open-Minded’ is used – that means – as the manager told me that you’re getting ‘used goods’. Ouch! And if the term ‘Homely’ is thrown in – then you see the lady in question will be slightly weight disadvantaged – or heavy boned if you prefer that term. I’m sure there are ways you can find out the physical characteristics of men also – like whether a guy has a really really small dick or suffers from premature ejaculation.
Another thing about last night, I was dragged down to the Hawaiian Shack by H, and ever since I’ve been on a retro kick. I am listening to ‘Big Hits of the 80s’ on Yahoo Radio right now – Take on Me, Hungry Eyes, assorted Madonna, New Order. I think this is a sign that I am finally going senile. Of course, what is worse as I discovered to my horror last night – that I know the lyrics to ABBA - I know the lyrics to Dancing Queen and Supertrouper. Sometimes I manage to shock even myself. I think I should change the channel to ‘Rock Classics’ and listen to some Rolling Stones and Led Zep. Then again – the song that just started is Poison’s Every Rose has its Thorn.
As the chorus says…

Every rose has it’s thorn
Just like every night has it’s dawn
Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song
Every rose has it’s thorn

Damn, he just switched to Pet Shop Boy's West End Girls. Must forward. And now we get T'Pau. OK, thats it I'm switching to the 'Rock Classics' station - no wait, lets experiment again - 'Adult Alternative' and we get an advert for the Chyrsler 300. Now we get Coldplay's Speed of Sound. Not bad. I'll try this station for a bit.
Chalo, ab back to doing kaam-waam. I have to fix up a trip to Pune for next week. And tonight I’ll eat a decent meal and steer clear of the daaru. And Tyt's Dad finally quit - after he was asked to go I guess. As much as I like Sid Tyt's, his dad's hands are covered with blood for 1984. If the Congress wants Modi's head for Gujarat then Jagdish Tytler will have to be prosecuted for the riots in a 'free and fair' trial.

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