Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I hate Blogger at times.

I spent the last half an hour writing a post and the entire fucking thing went up in the air, or rather into the deepest recesses of the interweb. Which does not make me a happy bunny, it makes me a rather pissed off bunny. Talking about being bunny rabbit's I could do withever they give those Energizer rabbits in the adverts, because after three days of hanging on to the 10-something local for dear life, my energy levels are somewhere in the third level of the basement. Anyway, I had a lot of links linked to the post, and I'll add them later. But first...
The Congress finally got some balls and tabled the Nanvati Commission report and it implicates Jagdish Tytler (father of Delhi Page 3 socialite and my former classmate from school - Sidarth Tytler - thats how he spells his name) as being a pivotal figure in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Poor Tyt's will now lose his source of funding and might actually have to start designing wearable clothes for a living. And in Bombay, the government is getting ripped off by a bunch of mill-owners. Expect the floods to be worse in three years time as Central Bombay acquires itself some new (and maybe fugly buildings - look at the ITC Grand Central) buildings and the flood waters have even less place to dissipate. And now ET claims that the PM will resign - which means that we might get RG (v 2.0) as our PM sooner than expected.
Other quik linx.
Drip Graffiti
The Internet Dead Letter Office
Strawberry Flavoured Milk - wait for it - sausages???? And you still don't think the Japs are out of it?
Go Fug Yourself - This is a hilarious Blog!
A great collection of Adult Spanish Movie posters from the 70's. Really nice!
Why???? THis gave me a headache!
"My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat his children. Praise be to Allah!" - Not an Iraqi suicide bomber but Mike Tyson. Read more of his 'impetuous' quotes at Wikiquote
The coolest - or at least the most expensive fridge - ever - note the diamonds
Really bored people - Things in Rubbers
The Afterglow lights - that glows in the dark!
The Renault Egeus concept. Sweet!
The Maruti Swift is a 1.3-litre 87 hp car that is tremedous fun to drive. The new VW Golf GT will be a 1.4-litre car with 170 horses on tap. That my friends is F-U-N in a small car.

Thats it fer now, I have to find me a house. So let the fight between the brokers brokers begin!


livinghigh said...

first of all... "bunny"??????
second of all, isn't blogger sposed to have a spl save mechanism for posts dat may get erased?

K said...

I also thought that blogger had autosave, but they logged me out yesterday and everything well, got lost. sobs.
The bunny thing was just a crack at the duracell 'bunny'...