Monday, August 22, 2005

Bad bad weekend.

I'll keep a long story really short, this weekend (Saturday night to be precise) I went through a rather traumatic experience and part of that involved losing my mobile. Have bought new mobile - Nokia 3220 (wanted the 3230 but that was too expensive at Rs 14k versus Rs 6.5k for the phone I bought). Anyway, I doubt I will ever be the same person again. And sometimes, and I am swallowing a lot of pride in saying this, a womans ability to talk is her greatest weapon and while it might seem like 'white noise' sometimes it can be very useful. Even if you don't get a word of whats going on. Anyway I have to go see a few more homes soon.
And sometimes the media has no idea of what goes on.


Bonatellis said...

what I like most is use of the phrase "sometimes the media has no idea ..."
Really?? Sometimes??


K said...

sometimes, they have no clue of whats going on. no clue whatsoever, because they don't go out to find out whats happening.