Sunday, August 07, 2005

What if...

I wrote this as a comment on Living High but the idea was put into my head by a senior journalist who I know very well. What if you were to give a drop of LSD to some of the major news anchors before say they start the ten o'clock news at night? Or maybe make them do a couple of lines of cocaine before they go to interview Lalu Yadav. No wait, that will give them balls to ask some questions to the man instead of sucking up to him. Lalu is desperate to win the Bihar elections and will do anything to win. However, Buta Singh is screwing up a already dysfunctional state. In my opinion, and I'm a person who votes in every election, Bihar needs some tough love. Maybe a few years of miltary rule. By the way, what would happen if you gave some of your politicians LSD. Y'know equal 400 mics doses to Sonia G, Manmohan, Lalu, Karat P, Karat B, Advani, Sushma etc. Better still a spray of LSD inside the Houses of Parliament. No wait, I'm losing it over here. But seriously, news on telly is getting so bad, some LSD would really spice things up a bit.
Anyway, todays HT carried a very knowledgable article about cocaine. 'Knowledgable' in the sense that the prices were right and the 'side-effects' were not as atrociously cocked up as the Nikhat Kazmi piece in ToI. Anyway, it weas called the Page 3 drug of choice. Heck, that it is, but Coca/Charlie/Snow is more than Page 3, many many people do it. And they do it because its good fun, very good fun. Helps the Columbian economy.

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livinghigh said...

well... ure still in dilli?
just went thru a LOT of de old posts! wow! backbreaking reading here! lol.

yes - DNA masthead sucks!
yes - anil has de hots for maneka, i think.
yes - the boeing pics look sexy.
no - dont think mahrooq looks all dat stunning, really.

hmmm.. have i missed anything?

aa, yes - coke on politians wud be fun. rather, it wud be HONEST. ;-)