Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday evening.

I have to find myself an interesting story to do. Must try and think of something interesting and not do something like 'The sordid sex lives of Bombay's top CEOs' (even though I guess a story like that might just work out). Therefore, I blog my about my bored existance for everyone to read.
Talking about blogs...
Hilarious! This and more goodness from T-Shirt humor, (Yanks don't use no 'u' in humour, thats why their jokes suck), though I would like a regular poster of this.
There is this new food phenomenon spreading across the world wherein people have started to eat their pizza's inside cones. I have no clue why, but some Italian company called 'Konopizza' is making this their domain and have opened stores across the world. However, I would definately give this a try if they ever did decide to come to India. Hey, they've gone to New Zealand and Indonesia, so why not here? And 'Branded' fast-food could do with some more brands - I'm sick of MickyD's, Subway's and the Pizza places. Whatever happened to Yum's plans of bringing in Taco Bell and Long John Silver's? Anyway, this invenation will take the fun out of food. Can you imagine that you can just spray some smell on to a piece of paper and it will taste like 'Chocolate Fudge'. Ugh! Some more linxs, as I will be out of circulation through the weekend. Hopefully partying!
This on the other hand would be a nice upgrade for what I sit on in office.
And I would want a set of these on my birthday.
If this is as bad as they say it is, then the weather could get a lot weirder.
EDIT : Some nice Links for the men-folk.
The Miss Reef 2005 contest in Chile. This makes Miss India look bad (After all we had Ms Amrita Thigh-par as Miz India.... HELP!) Latin Women are HOT!

Anyway, some of the other contestants at Miss Universe were very sweet. Here are the photographs of the swimsuit competition.
Tamara Winter - Palymate of the Month August 2005. The photoset.

And pictures from the 2005 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special. All Hi-Rez.

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