Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Manic Tuesday.

Actually not, I just wanted a suitably dramatic headline for the post today. Actually, I do have a lot of work, which sadly involves phone calls to be made to the US West Coast, which means that I will stay in office till some unearthly hour of night. The world of politics seems to have slowed down a bit given that the country's financial hub is drowning and all sorts of politicians are now trying to blame each other for the mess. say what about the plan to convert Mumbai to Shanghai - you know the one where Marine Drive was supposed to look like the Pudong side of the Chinese city. Its remarkable what happened to Bombay/Mumbai, and the city is pulling through it seems. A phone call today says that the rain has held up and the city is drying out. A SMS from the Civil Aviation Ministry tells me that PeePee has said that operations are now back to normal. Which means my planned departure on Sunday the seventh may be possible after all.
Anyway P Siddy just called me up with Hot News straight of the press - the Bollywood starlet daughter of an Indian media moghul is the latest person to feature in an indiscreet MMS video. Now given that all the others have been lookalikes, I will make no comments till the video is widely available I haven't seen it as yet.
But if true.....

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livinghigh said...

journalistic interest in de new MMS clip, my intrepid delhi reporting team?