Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mumbai rumours

Is DNA doing well? Or is its print run going the way of the Indian batting line up? What about HT? And let's not forget the TOI ...

The fate of Mumbai newspapers continues to be a topic of discussion, even in television studios. I actually met someone who thinks DNA is a great paper. A report, which is the exact opposite of the one I got a few weeks ago.

Hello K. What's going on in Mumbai's newspaperland? Fill us in.

In the meanwhile, us dilli-walas are preparing to move to Noida. The rumours about the new office don't stop. There's a gym there. It's only for the management. Everybody can use. No-one will have the time to use it. The food court's huge. The food court's one dhaba. Everybody will get a computer. No-one will get a computer. Only the boss will get a computer, everybody else will get laptops. Wi-fi ... yes, no, maybe, definitely, if only ...

Interesting times.

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K said...

Whose the Moll? And welcome back.