Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Car-nage of 26 July in Bombay.

A friend sent me these pics over email. The guy who took them got stuck in Bandra. These pictures are a lot better than the images that were sent out by the wires on that day. The Bombay floods never looked so devastating! My photographer here tells me that there was not much photog's here could do. Seeing these pics you get an idea of the intensity of the rains that hit India's financial capital on the 26th of July. The last picture for example shows cars completely submerged. There were many stories of people dying of aphyxiation inside cars. Click to enlarge and I don't know who these images are copyrighted to.


Grafxgurl said...

oh my goodness!! that looks really bad!!

hey:) thanks for coming by my blog... welcoem anytime!

Chelle said...
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Chelle said...

it does look bad... what do you say the others showed? less?

it's not suprising what you say about the media... it is common for stories to be kind of adjusted to what is believed the mainstream will or should buy... not just in India. well, you know that better than I. I think you have a very interesting job.

livinghigh said...

;-) yes, it was all dat... and more!
left de statutory "welcome to bombay" msg in de comments under the Salaam Bombay post. gimme a buzz some time. ;-)

Bonatellis said...

i had tried to upload these pics but i couldn't :(

K said...

bonatellis : its rather easy to upload pics, just click the image button on the blogger interface.
livinghigh : will do
chelle : sometimes its worth it
grafxgurl : anytime.

zigzackly said...

Can you ask your friend, the one who took those pictures, to get in touch with me? I'd like to use some of them, with his permission. Ask him to take a look at this for details.