Monday, August 01, 2005

Curses... foiled again...

While snakeman makes attempts to learn TV, I have made various attempts to try to leave Delhi to reach the financial and watery hub of India. Attempt number five, yesterday got postponed after three phonecalls saying that the airport is open but that I would get nowhere from the airport. So I gave up again. I made a reservation on a flight today morning, but bossman told me to spend the week here while Bombay tried to dry out. I've decided to backdate entries till Tuesday and make a blog about my settling down (eventually in Bombay), will post link once that is up and running. All my friends (virtual and real) are thankfully fine, wet but alive. Anyway, now I'm gonna work the week out and leave on Sunday evening. Its rather frustrating. Anyway, the good thing was that I managed to catch Kimi Raikkonen's great victory at Hungary. And on a media note, what is with Poonam Saxena's "I hate NDTV" diatribe? Evidently she didn't see the chopper footage. I think NDTV has had the best coverage of the Mumbai floods. Anyway, those who know why the lady doesn't like the bearded one know the truth. Chalo, abhi back to work.

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