Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kwietly and kwikly

Its been a busy, busy day and I've barely had the the time to blog, so I'll have to add to this post through a series of edits. Shit load of work, here there and everywhere. Plus, I've been trying to find just how many bloggers there are in India? Anyone have any clue whatsoever?
OK, Indibloggers has a listing of around 1050 desi bloggers from all over Swades and Pardes. On a side note, am I the only one who finds it ironic that Shah Rukh Khan has acted in both Pardes and Swades?
EDIT : So why have I been so busy today. Well, for one I discovered that half the world is off tomorrow because of 'Raksha Bandhan'. I don't have any sisters thankfully, but used to often end up with five or six rakhis around my hand every time, tied by certain girl who thought of me as a 'brother'. In a strange twist of fate, I used to find myself inside some of their pants later in the year. Needless to say, I don't get any rakhis tied on me any more.
Many guys used to consider rakhi's like this KLPD. KLPD which was once a popular term to describe a bummer is not the short form of a Bollywood boy-meets-girl epic. Rather, it stands for 'Khade Land Pe Dhoka' - I don't know how this would translate - I guess a literal one would be 'Standing Penis is Betrayed' or should that 'Betrayal of an Erect Tool'? Dunno. Any ideas? If so, leave your comments. But if you're the types who think 'Chut' is 'Ass', then don't bother.
A nice article on BusinessWeek which I managed to catch. Its about car-logos and brands.
I own a Leonard Cohen 'Live' album, and though not a huge fan, I do like some of his songs and I know many people who like Cohen. So I was a bit surprised to find out that the man is broke!
And Nike's new contact lenses will end up making sunglasses obsolete. But they will cost a freaking bomb!
Protect your office - I really like this, a Laser Trip wire system a la Hollywood all for under $30.
And is this the invention of the century, which will make safe drinking water easily available?
What Star Wars could have looked like!
I was reading in Mumbai Mirror today, that the clown of a Railways Minister that we have - Lalu Yadav (remind me to edit that Wikipedia entry) popped into town, but didn't do anything much other than visit the CM. In fact, what he did do was to take Western railway officials out of their offices and force them to follow him in his jaunts around town. And Bollywood named a movie after him last year. This is almost as funny as the sight of Ness Wadia clearing trash alongside his girlfriend (Sallu's mastrubating bunny) Preity Zinta. Which was all conviniently timed at five in the evening (when the light is best for the photogs).
But talking about Bombay Sururban Trains, last night when I was peering out of the train as it pulled out of Churchgate I noticed an anomaly. A rake had a sheet glass window from which the driver looked out instead of the jali that they usually have. And a digital display too. I was asking some colleagues about that today. They all thought I must have smoked too much. Which I haven't because the hash/pot in this town sucks. The white stuff on the other hand....
Hey, these are some nice adverts from which were made during the Cannes ad fest.
Maid Romance Mattress
And then again, I have to work some more, so later then. There are 1049 more desi blogs to read, many of them better than this one. Though, that said this blog does drive one heck of a lot of traffic. The number of visitors you see at the bottom of the page have all come since June 27th this year. OK, subtract about 300 entries made by me, but still not bad, eh?
PS : Most of them came here looking for desi porno. Shit!


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Why is there so much Blogger spam comments of late?

papamali said...

Not every one has time to blog, phukker!

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well. wait a coupla months more.. am sure u'll soon get a load more rakhis soon! ;-)