Saturday, August 20, 2005

Fiat Lux

The title is latin for 'Let there be Light' and had HT used that as its ad-line it would have been pretty funny, anyway its funny enough that HT copied their slogan from the motto of Mayo Boys, which is strange considering that Viru Dada often complains that he felt discriminated in that school because he wasn't a handsome Rajput Prince. The plight of Bombay Gujju's, I tell you. Anyway, the reason behind the title is because while whiling around at office today (versus desperatly trying to meet deadlines yesterday) I saw a movie online called 'Fiat Lux'. The movie is a great piece of computer animation and it looks back at when Galileo had the temerity to question the Catholic Church's official version of things, back in the old old days, graphically representing what impact his statement had on the Church. However while today questioning the fact that the earth moves around the sun might seem stupid, American's are questioning evolution by advocating a strange form of creationism - Intelligent Design, they call it. Despite some ten years of studying in an intensely Catholic Institution run by the Irish Christian Brothers we were taught about Darwin, but the Church and some mad Christian organisations (in the US) think of Charles Darwin as a bad word. What will they say about the Darwin Awards then? The Onion has a great spoof on all this.
So anyway, I had a rather nice evening yesterday opting out of the various party plans the friends I am staying with had. I just stayed home, watched bits of 'XXX' which classifies as a terribly dumb movie (why would someone want to blow up Prague?) and played a lot of Need For Speed 'Underground' which is a pretty fun game, though I still am racing in a Mazda MX-5 Miata and I must acquire a nicer set of wheels soon. Back on the great world of the interweb, I saw this very funny and peculiar site showing some interesting flash animations of 'Kamasutra for Dummies'. And this new ad for Starbucks is quite funny too. And I could have read this great guide to 'Realtionship Endings For Beginners', considering most of my relationships end with 'Why didn't you call for the last ten days', I could use a few tips.
This link is especially for Papamali.
Anyway, on another note I had a long chat with a friend who also recently relocated (back) to Mumbai after a year or so in Delhi (more Gurgaon) and she was telling me how the pace of life is so very dheela in Delhi compared the Bombay. While I still owe my loyalties to Delhi (and the incestuous journalistic community in the capital where as a colleague commented everybody in the media is somebody elses brother, son, daughter, wife, lover, mistress, ex-wife, ex-husband, former lover etc, how true!) because I like the wide open roads, the cheaper price of petrol and the relative cleanliness, Bombay has its own, what should I say, verve, maybe. And lots and lots of a particular substance which as a friend puts it 'puts the switch back on again' and it ain't Viagra or Levitra.
Anyway, two weeks is hardly enough time to form any opinion, I'm still learning and observing. But I must say, life is a lot faster here, and until now the PR people have been slightly less irritating (no insults to one or two particular readers of this blog who work for PR firms in Bombay). But as I said, its still too soon.

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