Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Christening!

OK, this is a very bitchy blog where I've called senior editos utter a--holes and god knows what else. But, the idea is to be irreverant, right?
Now, on that note, I hereby title Rajdeep's soon to be launched channel (concurrently with Bihar Elections where he will do his best 'I love Lalu' impression) 'Rajdeep TV'. Or better still, just 'Rajdeep'. Why not 'Sagarika TV' or even for that matter IBN - India Broadcast News - the name almost everybody thinks it will get? Because, everybody already refers to it as 'Rajdeep's Channel'. You call someone you know and you'll hear, "I got a job offer from Rajdeep" or "I work for Rajdeep" or unfortunately, this is too frequent, "Rajdeep said that he will make me a star." Now with the last statement, the problem is that there are so many stars that Rajdeep has promised that he will make that 'Rajdeep TV' will be an awfully bright place. But from what I've heard, it already needs to buy Mentos by the truckload to put on the lightbulbs, because at Videocon Tower one hears that 'Dimag ki batti bandh hai, loadshedding ke karan'. Hopnestly, its all Rajdeep this and Rajdeep that and so on and so forth. While I wish Rajdeep Sardesai the best, this obviously means that the man will not be able to take a holiday for the next couple of centuries.
Anyway, me the great has now titled it Rajdeep TV, and that is what will be called henceforth.
So what will Rajdeep TV be all about? Other than a 'star factory', that is. God knows. Because trust me, watching Fear Factor on AXN is a lot more fun than watching news. Of course, talking of news, HT Mumbai whose Business Editor really has no clue of whats going on, is now speculated to be on her way out. Which means that Viru dada has finally come to his senses regarding those pages which are atrocious. No, thats mild. They're bloody fucking awful. Which is not a good thing in the nation's biz hub.
On another note Sania Mirza won her second round match at the US Open. Go Sania! And soon India's bludering blunderbusses (aka our Cricket team) will take to field again in Zimbabwe. Incidently, I'm surprised that no-one in India raised a stink about the fact that we are sending our Cricket team to a country ruled by a despotic madman. To each his own, I guess.
EDIT : This is an article from last October's NatGeo Magazine. Eerie!


shaun said...

i wonder how many in india know that zimbabwe is ruled by a despot. we're a happily inward looking nation. pakistan for an enemy, and US, Uk, Canada, Australia to make money and have fun. That's the world for us.

shyam said...

Hehe.. I won't comment on the finer nuances of the post since I do have to remind myself that I am sitting in the awfully bright place myself.. don't bite the hand that feeds.. types..

But yeah.. there is so much of enthusiasm.. I feel that the kids think they are going to win at least a couple of pulitzers in the first year itself..