Friday, September 09, 2005

Gotta love the media...

I know that mediapersons often write some line awfully innocently, but they sound awfully hilarious. And honestly nothing is funnier than an article on drugs written by people whose idea of drugs is .... well they have no idea what it is!
Just read this pearl of wisdom from the 'amazingly fast to react to social phenomena' magazine, India Today.
"Cocaine and ecstasy are not available over the counter like prescription cough syrups Corex, Phensydyle and downers like Calmpose and Valium..."
No shit Sherlock!
And further on...
"...hashish from Manali which is considered a delicacy the world over"
What the.... OK I know people who don't smoke hash anymore but eat it, but I thought the term delicacy is only used to describe things you eat. Hash might be considered a 'rarity' or a 'speciality' but 'delicacy'???? And I know what 'cooked cocaine' is, but man, calling 'cooked cocaine' the caviar of drugs? Evidently people haven't heard of Morphine.
Not that IT have any persons on their staff who can elucidate writers about the finer points of high-end drugs. While the occasional pothead does work in Hamilton House, I seriously doubt the higher-ups in the magazine have done any drug. Of course, ulnlike Viru dada they won't write an article about how left out they felt at missing out. Weirdly enough, I thought that pot was big in Cambridge in the late-seventies, so if a person went through Cambridge without smoking up, that meant that he was *shudder* (insert your own nerdy term here).
The higher-ups in the place I work at have recently decided to make me a technology guru (again) and I have come up with some new gadgets/software every so often to make sure my readers jump for joy all over the place. While I love tinkering with all toys electronics and like flashy devices - heck my phone has disco lights all over it - finding something new and unique every so often is not easy, because a criterion for the column will be that the product be 'legally sold in India', so because its available at Heera-Panna or Palika won't make it acceptable! So, I now have to start working again, and this means calling PR people - "Hi, can you please give your latest thingjammy that costs some seven figure sum to test out for two weeks, I'll try and ensure that all the buttons that only a two-day old baby can operate remain in place when I return it. And I promise not to all your device a load of crap. Even if it is, because the cute girl in advertising that I have been eyeing will start hating me if I do."
But, on a another media note. It rained rather heavily in Bombay today, even though down in town there were hardly a few drops, around Dadar and Bandra water started jamming up the roads and drove all the Ganpati revellers inside (which is a good thing), the news channels all went hyperactive - shutting down the western line then the airport and warning everyone to get out of their offices, when nothing had actually happened. It seems while train services did slow down, they never really shut down and flights all operated like normal. But, all the channels had done more than their fair bit to spread paranoia before poranoia actually happened.
Anyway, I will be moving most of my luggage from one house to the other this week and if HDFC Bank feels fit I will have some money to spend as well. And I even have a date tomorrow night. Things are looking a bit better than they did yesterday!
Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...
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thalassa_mikra said...

Hey, haven't been able to post any comments due to my keyboard getting screwed up, but been following your posts about Anil Wilson and the Stephens jhagda.

When I joined Stephens Willie was the Principal, and I've heard stories of Christian families approaching the Diocese directly to ensure the admission of their offspring. Didn't know about the special privileges of the well-connected though, but I can imagine.

Though to be fair, this went on in every DU college so I don't think Willie should be singled out. A

And btw, I'm puzzled by the spam above. Someone actually took the trouble of filling up word verification to spam you, or have the spambots become smarter?

thalassa_mikra said...

Oh gosh, what a horrendous typo!! I just realized. No, no, I never attended Stephen's and had but the faintest passing acquaintance with the college. What I actually wanted to say was this "When I joined DU, Willie was the Stephen's Principal....yadda yadda"

And this isn't even wishful thinking, 'cause I studied a subject not even offered by Stephen's.

rums said...

fast worker are you? already started finding dates! :)

Anonymous said...

...and who is this date??
i see you;'re not missing me at all...therefore, you get none of the i got you.

K said...

Awww.. It was supposed to be someone else. But not that I planned to do anything afterwards.

Soumyadip said...

Leave it to the media to make a mountain out of a mole hill and I'm not Navjot Singh Siddhu.