Saturday, September 17, 2005


Last night got rather late because I was watching the one Bond film I had never seen - From Russia with Love - now I'm not the type of person to trash a fantastical 1970's movie rendition of an unrealistic spy movie. No way. Because such unrealistic spy movies always had very attractive women. There is something about movie actresses of the 60's and 70's and I know that many of them are now older than my mother, but still they had a sort of charm, a sexuality you don't see in today's actresses. Even the vamps were , dare I say it, hot. Not silicon breasted or hyper-skinny things you see nowadays. And thats in Hollywood, don't even get me started about Bollywood.
And of course, there is Sean Connery. Scotland's second most famous export after Scotch. Actually, talking about Scotch I discovered that all Scotch Whiskey is actually matured in second-hand oak barrels. Anyway, I'm beginning to develop a taste for Jack Daniels, I have really begun to like JD. And Absolut Vanilla and Jose Cuervo and Resiling's. Damn, I drink too much.
So on a Friday night, I had a couple of beers, ordered some Chinese and sat at Rodu's place and watched a Bond flick. OK, so I did have a drink with a friend at Firangipani at the Hilton, and it was a very nice Vanilla Ice Tea, but that really doesn't count as going out does it? Especially if the friends was a guy. Anyway, there is always today, and after all I do have to sit at home and read the Outlook Sex survey as well - which says that Women buy sex from Men. Evidently an Outlook correspondent recently visited a pre-school and got propositioned. Or so I think.
A couple of the comments to yesterday's post were talking about the Outlook Group and their future plans of expanding into new magazine categories. From what I have heard and have been informed (through the "Are you looking for a change?" grapevine) there is certainly a Business magazine on the cards. Not something that will replace Outlook Money, which is a personal finance magazine (and I believe that the India Today Group is looking at launching a Pfin magazine also) but be a full-fledged corporate and economic affairs magazine. Again, from what I have heard they are looking at either an end-2005 or early-2006 launch. The women's magazine is still in the realms of the rumour-mills, but from what not-so-reliable sources tell me, if they do launch something to take on Jain&Jain's bastion Femina it should be out in mid-2006.
And then there is what Sandipan Deb and his crew will launch along with the Express Group. Again a personal finance magazine is planned along with a lifestyle magazine for men and a corporate affairs magazine by 2007. This news is all gleaned from the media rumour-mill, so don't trust the veracity of these plans or launch dates. The only thing I know is that I cannot trust a bunch of journalists who have no idea of investing money writing on personal finance. All I do know is that Citibank India runs the most inane credit-card service on the planet, because they constantly refuse to send me a statement. I am seriously contemplating moving the consumer court against these guys. Never make the mistake of taking a Citibank credit card Since they are owned by a bunch a oil-price manipulating Arab Sheikhs you can't trust them much anyways. Actually, Citicorp might be as American a company as say McDonalds, but the largest shareholders in this money-grubbing company are Arab oil shiekhs. And they are only interested in sending oil prices higher, so you charge your credit cards more and pay more interest. Conspiracy theory angle, and most probably implausible, but who knows?
OK, I've had a heavy lunch an until all the chowpatty Gaan-Party's are done.
Anyway, if you're equally bored, try watching He-Man sing 4 Non-Blondes. Hilarious, this is really really funny!
Have a great Sunday!


thalassa_mikra said...

Nahiiiin!! You like all the liquor I detest! I don't drink whisky, but when it comes to vodka, there's only Stoli. And I live in tequila-land, almost, and all my Mexican friends swear by Sauza.

Surely we don't need another women's magazine, do we? I mean between the Femina for the woman with executive pretensions and trophy wife ambitions and Women's Era for the behenji brigade, we've got it all covered. Now if only they launch an English edition of Sananda, a women's magazine I adored (even though I don't care much for the editor Aparna Sen).

As for the oil sheikh shareholders, I think they own a bit of just about everything that is anything, including I believe Sony Pictures and Time Warner.

thalassa_mikra said...

K, I just read the article in Outlook you talked about in your last post and I'm fuming!! What an idiotic, moralising bitch of a reporter! I mean she all but said outright that you get AIDS by sleeping around, never mind all the devout housewives who get it from their husbands. And what's the deal with all the "empty soul" rhetoric?

Here's a quote:

The twist in the tale is that unlike female prostitution, it is not driven by heart- wrenching majboori. Most men are in it for mega bucks and the sheer fun of it. After all, men can't be forced to "do it" if they don't want to.

So men can't be raped? Voila, so all the stories of prison rape and sexual abuse in religious seminaries are lies after all.

K said...

I told you that these sex articles are moralising pieces of crap.... I only read them for the humour value.

Anonymous said...

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