Thursday, September 08, 2005

Valson Thampu vs. Anil Wilson. OMG!

When things start moving at the speed of internal politics, in a place that is ruled by politics, things become too hot to handle. For everybody. Now, in the last few days it has become clear that Reverend Valson Thampu, a nice soul and a Christian Fundamentalist if there ever was one has come out all guns blazing in the 'Get Rid of Anil Wilson' camp. Again, being an student of Literature both Thampu and Wilson taught me and I remember the tutorials we had in first (or was that second?) year in Thampu's corner room in the extension block. Now, it also a matter of receord that Thampu and Wilson hated each others guts, Thampu thought that Wilson had steered the college too far away from its Christian heritage and Wilson thought that Thampu was a Religious crackpot. While I don't disagree with either man over here, having both these individuals in the same institution and worse still in the same faculty could not last. And then people ask why the Literature faculty in SSC was so god-awful. Now, Thampu retired to a life of generally writing columns attacking those who thought minorities were being given too much. Wilson carried on with his agenda of change for SSC.
But now with Thampu, no great fan of the Supreme Council has come out saying that ol' Willie should apologise for insulting the Archbishop. And in a sensitive time like this, Thampu's arrival on the scene has upset Willie's 'Matyr Applecart'. Thampu, radical as he might be, also cultivated the media and has several friends among senior editors and was quite effective in getting his message across. Plus, it is true that ol' Willie's letter was a bit on the hmmm, defamatory side, dare I say it. (Of course, for a sample of Willie's best, I'll have to dig through my stuff for the hilarious exchange of letters between him and Dr. Tellis way back in early 2000)
So now, with Willie's gandly planned media circus around his 'Matyrdom' falling apart and Willie now looking like a defeated man, who will the new Principal of SSC. Now, this year I understand that a woman became President of the Students Council. But, and I'll go out on a limb here, if SSC is to change while retaining its attitude I would want a name that is not exactly a favourite among many people, and a person who well, chucked me out of her tutes for two terms and whose classes I barely attended - other than the great Yeats classes - Crystel Devdawson. My vote, and I know it doesn't count is for her. She is a person who understands college, is rfrom college and knows how to take it into the future.
Better than an IAS officer for sure.
On other notes - I have come to understand that Hindustan Lever Limited will be signing up a big-time Bollywood star as their new brand ambassador for Lux tomorrow. And instead of thinking Ayesha Takia or Tanushree 'spaced out' Dutta, think male star. Yes, the brand endorsed by Gisele Bundchen in the West, and always endorsed by some of the most beutiful women in the world is going to be endorsed by a guy. So this could mean one of two things - Lux is targeting the gay (metrosexual?) market or they're changing their focus altogether. While I know who the endorser is, I can't quite let you know can I? But you can guess.

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