Friday, September 09, 2005

The Walrus lives!

Matyr, no matyr, five cars and a Black Honda Accord! The drama at St Stephen's has resolved itself after Willie and Masih, the fighting twosome decided to pray together and solved everything. Well, that was the 'Official Press Conference Version' bit. Now, lets see what really happened according to me. Willie and Masih meet up, and obviously no Black Label is poured. Willie apologises to Maih for the contents of letter, but tells Masih that he shouldn't be pushing him out. Now, (this is the part which people will have problems with) Willie tells Masih that if he is pushed out everybody will lose. What this obviously means, is that Masih will get no more Black Honda Accords and the ways in which the Honda Accords came into the Archbishops hands (obviously they are not manna from heaven, and I doubt this diocese is particularly rich) might 'accidentally' find their way onto NDTV. Now, that wouldn't be too nice would it. Masih, who is a smart man, despite being a fundamentalist, obviously understands the import of what Willie says. They compromise. Chandni Chowk jewellers daughter does not get admission. Or so I understand. And wasn't admission season over back in July?
Simply put, Willie played the media brilliantly. But it helps if you have in your career given admission to the sons and daughters of assorted editors of the ToI, HT, Express, Pioneer, Asian Age, NDTV, Aaj Tak etc., and those editors are thankful for that. Well played, Sir and for a media blitz like that, the man deserves all the accolades he gets. Hats off, because I am really very impressed. But now can we please see some improvement in the admission procedure?
EDIT : I haven't been posting links for sometime, so I just thought I'ld post some stuff here.
Though I'm still using 1.0.6, you can download Firefox 1.5 Beta now!
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Yohan said...

Yeah. I agree.

(How did you find out about the Honda Accords? Did you ask around?)

What we need is tranparency, but somehow I think that Willie's collosal bluff is meant to perpetuate the status quo.

But by the time India Today's rating come out next year, all of this will have been forgotten.

(You're a Bombay Stephanian right? So am I.)

K said...

Yo to the Question. About the Honda Accord's - ToI mentioned it.