Monday, September 26, 2005


And the Americans want to know why on earth they aren't winning hearts and minds in Iraq? While in the beginning on the insurgency I also believed that possibly the war had some sort of a positive outcome because it removed Saddam from power, US soldiers don't seem to be any better. Today, we are paying close to Rs 50 for a litre of petrol, thanks in no small measure to the fact that half of Iraq's oil production is still out of commission, and prices are only being kept down thanks to the intransigence of the Oil Minister (and thus bleeding our Oil Companies dry). Now I see pictures of dead Iraqi's posted on a this forum. I can easily bet that half these people if not more were innocent civilians trying to go about their job and what do you have stupid rednecks standing on top of them and laughing!
And guess why these guys post these images? because they get free access to the same forums rather more explicit areas. Shit man, I know many guys like their daily dose of jerk material, but for gods sake, there has to be some dignity and respect for dead people. Not to say that there aren't enough websites which have pictures of dead people who die in accidents like Ogrish and Rotten. But this is absolutely sick! (OK guys, unless you have really strong stomachs don't click)
I do not know the legality of the pictures, but I do know that the Geneva Convention prevents the pictures of dead enemy combatants being displayed. Again, because I believe that half these people were civilians shot by trigger happy idiots, what are the legal issues involved. Of course, this is the US we are talking about and there is Gitmo, which is a blatent violation of international rights. Innocent civilians die in crossfire all the time, and while I am not condoning that, it is fact of life even in gang shootouts, or for that matter in Kashmir. No pictures come out. I have once been shown some rather horrible pictures of the carnage at Kargil, but those were part of a private collection and thankfully the person removed them from his computer.
I know that almost 3000 people died in New York on 9/11 and I am not saying that the people behind this incident should not be punished. But Bush went in for an illegal war and now this!
Iraq was no paradise before the US Invasion, that I agree with. Saddam was a sadistic ruler who for years was aided by the US. But post-US, Iraq is Hell on Earth.
I had written this post earlier, but decided against posting it, so I am bunging it in below some of the higher posts.

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