Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Toosday speech bubble.

Someone asked me why I keep links from my blog. The answer really is quite simple, it gives a record of my own to some of the sites I visited. Which is great, because rather than filing them in favorites on one computer links from the blog become a sort of mobile repository. And anyway, there are a lot of unfortunate souls who come across this blog, including it seems some journalists (other thn myself) who were seen taking notes from this blog. Who they be? I can also say that they work in BSZ Marg and my spy/friend at same organisation told me of said event. Will this un-famous little blog now get featured in some two-bit story about blogging, lets wait and see. Or maybe just a cut-and-paste awaits the blog, god knows, but given the publication involved I doubt I'll read anything in Mumbai.
Anyway, I won't be near a computertronic machine with access to the wide world of the antarjaal tomorrow, so please to forgive me in advance. Here are some funny/un-funny sort of stuff that I have been reading on the interweb of late!
Ji Lee printed 50,000 of these speech bubbles. He then put them on advertising hoardings all over NYC and proceeded to photograph what people wrote inside them. Makes for rather funny reading.
High speed photgraphy can sometimes capture that our 24-frames per minutes eyes can't. Like the images of water hitting water and creating a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Check out the shots at Liquid Sculpture.
Another great FlickR photoset of areas affected by Hurrican Katrina. This particular shot is particulary telling.
Well, since the SC has banned Outdoor billboards in Delhi, you'll never get to something like this back home. But maybe in Bombay!
Anyway, me gottas go to the home now, deposit some cheques in the bank and all and generally buy some home products. This living by myself thing is not as easy as it seems. Damn!


dwaipayan said...

hey the speech bubbles are cool. i like ur blog.

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