Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bollywood greats from the seventies and more!

I spent the better half of the day at an Entertainment summit, wher I heard Yash Chopra, Pratim Mukherjea, Sameer Nair and others yap and yap and yap. Well, there was a lot of stuff that I will spin off into a story over here, but lets not bother discussing all of that right now, because my take on the Indian television industry will bore most people to death. And really what can a person whose favourite programme on TV is The Thirsty Traveller (broadcast every Tuesday and Saturday on Discovery Travel and Living) and watching assorted TNA (Tits 'N Ass) programming on AXN say about the Indian Telly industry. Other than the fact that most programs that dominate the top 30 in India are either copies of foreign shows or conservative family oriented product placement vehicles. Ergo, the question is why the hell am I taking up valuable server space online with stupid strings of words. Server space that can be better utilised hosting pictures of Playboy Playmates (Like this blog hosting pics of August 2005 Playboy Germany Playmate Kristinn Lehmann). Talking about good uasge of server space if you have the time, please download the trailer of Japanese cult director Takao Nakano's latest film - 'Sexual Parasite : Killer Pussy'.
Seriously, viewer discretion is warranted here - and I stand my my previous assertions that the Japanese are all a mentally disturbed race. Just read Manga comics and you'll understand why I am talking about the Japanese being crazy! But you should still watch the trailer. It's a Porno slasher horror flick meets sci-fi. Good fun!
Anyway, back to the point, I'm writing because after a long time the hit rate on the blog took off. Not just because of cross-linking by other blogs but because the blog (and this post in particular) features on the first page of results on Google for this and this and some perverted bastard searched for this. Mumbai Mirror did an interesting article on the girl that the forward claimed to be Tarannum, Tammana Bhatia. I feel sorry for the girl, the pics were watermarked and the website they are from actually stated that they were of the afore mentioned actress not the bar-dancer who literally made a 'famous Sri Lankan spinner' (is there a second one?), 'an explosive Indian opening batsman' (Do you know of two?) and several B-grade Bollywood actors (this species numbers in the thousands) dance at her feet.
Anyway, while I don't care that much about grossly overinflated views, I'm amazed that I made to the first page of obviously a rather popular search on Google. And what the heck, if I can cross 8000-odd blog views in the three months since I enabled Statcounter, I'll be kicked.
On another note, if you are a old Bollywood movie affecinado, then this is the site for you. You can get reprints of classic Bollywood movie posters. I am still debating whether I should send this link to my father, because I dread what he might do to his house after that. Anyway, it will be a lot better than some of the rather silly contemporary B-grade (maybe even C-grade) Bollywood movie posters he hangs around the house right now. Five dollars a pop, not too bad, I'll try buying one sometime. But right now I continue to be too broke.


Anonymous said...

you should now remove the pictures u posted saying they were of tarannum. They are of the other tarronnum, a telegu actress

K said...

I corrected the pics, if you noticed.

livinghigh said...

good gawd k,... ure much too prolific for me to catch up! a week later, and ther has got to be at least 50 posts here!!!!!
PS: yes, de tamanna babe is quite cute! ;-)

thalassa_mikra said...

You found The Hotspotonline? That's the coolest site ever! A friend tells me they're a really popular icecream parlour in Islamabad. Ok, now here's some serious kitsch and sleaze.

In this section they have clips from the most B and C grade Pakistani movies ever. Check out the Pashto films, they are a scream!

Anonymous said...

also, read their movie reviews..especially the bubonic films. great stuff.

p.s. for those who didn't know..the hotspot guys are related to the big chill guys here...they did good business in cambridge..selling shaitaon ka honeymoon posters to the brit at 30 pounds...'Indian pop art'.

K said...

Actually despite the crappy HTML design which makings surfing the site a pain, its a very very funny site. Tks. And 30 pounds for Shaitaon Ka Honeymoon??? That's Cambridge robbery!

tony said...

There is another pic of tarannum circulating, a real hot one. i even put it up on my post when i saw the mumbaimirror article and remembered IT act, so i have deleted it. don't know if she HER.