Wednesday, June 25, 2008


"Do you suppose a new paper with a bent towards business news would work?"
This was a strange question, coming from an unlikely source.
"Are you refering to the FT-TV18 thing?" I asked back.
"Maybe, I don't know, depends on how much money they pour into it, and TV18 knows how to pour money into ventures."
But, taking a step back, I am more worried about content than I am about initial success. I'm sure the guys at TV18, though they are novices at newspaper distribution would throw a ton of money behind the deal, with the same crop of maybe 60-100 people jumping ship left, right and centre can such a paper work? It is pretty much certain now that the old men are not leaving, since they found the allure of the old lady too enticing rather than jump into the arms of an 18-year old bar pick-up.
The cost of creating a new media property, even though it is still quite high, is comparitively lower than before. Acquiring content, generic content, is also easier than before with the interwebs and all. But a full-fledged newspaper with need for exclusives and proper news, in a country suffering a distinct lack of editors, and worse still much like the Indian Army which suffers from a 'Major Shortage' there are far too few middle-level people. And while style can help push a paper for a few months as can attractive subscription offers, I still think there is still an argument for substance. Long-term viability is an issue, and even if the paper launches with gusto and content, it might not make money for a while, indeed lose huge chunks of cash, just like the last major launch - Papermint.
Anyway, anybody else got any thoughts on the issue.


Anonymous said...

And now come to think of it. The old lady is launching a tabloid to counter FT in the same way Mumbai Mirror was launched to take on DNA. Also, this may be a move to counter Mint. But the real reason is to block a few journos before FT goes shopping.
FT coming to India is a good idea. At least we can now have some quality product.
BTW, why are business dailies want to price it at Rs 2. A better idea would be to price it at Rs 50 or so. I am sure the i-bankers can pay that amount. But the quality has to be very very high standard and credible.
A business paper is a niche product and not a Mid-Day.

Anonymous said...

groan... there is NO shortage in the army... it's all hogwash.

Anonymous said...

anything happening to sony tv and channel 8 deal?