Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The France-Italy game got me so charged up that I didn't end up sleeping before four (I was watching The Weakest Link on BBC Entertainment - Anne Robinson has a hypnotic voice) and despite making attempts to cover my head with the pillow (and murdering a case of Tiger), I really didn't end up sleeping 'too' late today. So today has been one of those dazed days where I bang on the keyboard aimlessly. I desperately want to go back home and play Ninja Gaiden II on the console. By the way, I kept my pledge and am using Firefox 3 right now, quite nice!
As for revenue streams, I am more than willing to start something here, this blog has tremendous untapped revenue potential. But before that I need to give this blog a makeover - from a design perspective and that isn't happening until I get around to it.
Talking about banging aimlessly on a keyboard, I have a couple of things to write for my 'official' blogs. Yes, I do also now blog under my own name for my employer and I should be filing a bit more there also. Check them out if you have the time sometime - since I'm assuming the more regular readers of this blog know who I am. Those who don't, let me assure you the interesting stuff is still here.
And a quick link back to a post I made a while ago on how to subscribe to Rich Site Syndication (RSS) feeds, particularly for this blog since someone asked me again how to read a 'blog' anonymously. If you want to get every post on your email, check out RSSFwd, a service that allows you to do just that. However, you will still have to come here to make comments (and I like the comments, even the not so nice ones) but you can always get in touch over email at Presstalk (at) Gmail (dot) com.

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GBO said...

Revenue streams - ask me, been doing quite well, thank you, since 1999. Dot com boom bust and whimper. So, lesson number 1:- views are in no way related to revenue.

Please get that straight.

Now, start again.

There is no fixed answer, though, either. My solution may not, actually will not, apply to you or others.