Friday, June 27, 2008

Interesting Read

Nikhil Pahwa's new website has an interesting interview with the Private Treaties guys. The other side of the story I guess, even though many may not agree.

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Anonymous said...

You have posted Nikhil Pahwa's story which has some innuendo about me from Shiv Kumar. You may want to post this as well.
Hi Nikhil

I discussed our conversation with Sunit Arora as well. I look forward to hearing from you tonight and I do hope you will post my response. If not, I will be constrained to take such action as is necessary to protect my reputation.

I am repeating my letter for your consideration.

best regards

Sucheta DalalConsulting Editor, MoneyLIFE Magazine, Tel: 91-22-24441059-60 or 24324307 (D) ---------------------------------------------------------------
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
nothing." --- Edmund Burke
Hi Nikhil

Thought I will send you my response to Shiv Kumar’s half-semtence comments about me. Please ask Mr.Shiv Kumar what he means by "I don't want to go into the Harshad Mehta scam" (for which they awarded me Femina's Woman of Substance) or "circumstances under which I left the organisation". I find both statements defamatory and will have to take recourse to action unless they are clarified. In fact, it is a well known that Times of India does not do any investigative work anymore. More importantly, I have a letter from the company to say "we treasure" your association with us when I left the Times of India. Do they hand out such letters to all and sundry? It may also interest people to know that Mr.Ashok Jain, the late Chairman of the Times Group, had asked me to draft a Code of Ethics for journalists -- maybe that too was part of their poor judgement.

Will Mr.Shiv Kumar please explain what are the circumstances he refers to in connection with my exit? What I remember is Mr.Samir Jain making it very clear that Times of India as a group did not want to do any investigative work or offend anybody -- this was said very clearly at a two-day conference of senior journalists at a time when H.K.Dua was the Editorial Advisor. In fact, soon after that, in line with this thinking, the Times of India tried to get Harshad Mehta to write a column in the paper (since Medianet was new those days, I am not sure if the late scamster was going to pay for the piece -- maybe Mr.Shiv Kumar can clarify, he was very much with the paper those days). The issue was taken to the Press Council by the Consumer Education & Research Centre of Ahmedabad, where Times of India defended its action.

Will Mr.Shiv Kumar make his allegations about me in writing or on the record? Please ask him this question and inform me. I would really appreciate that. Meanwhile, since this interview fires from my shoulder and my article, please use this email.

Finally, I must mention that Times of India and Bennet Coleman & Company have been completely silent about my piece which has been published all over the Internet. Instead of these below the belt half truths and half sentences, the company should have done the honourable thing of responding to the email.

I have not gone public with many of the issues that came up during my nine long years at the Times of India -- after all, my biggest news break happened there, before their policies changed. But if the Times wants to play dirty through its senior managers, I have no option but to speak out.

I am told this blog has started today, all the best with you new venture.

Sucheta Dalal

Consulting Editor, MoneyLIFE Magazine,

Tel: 91-22-24441059-60 or 24324307 (D)