Monday, June 16, 2008

What a Euro 2008!

Who would have thunk that the land of Gouda, Tulips and the most ridiculously expensive hashish in the world would decimate both 2006 WC Finalists within a week. It also does not bode well that their front line play for Real Madrid, imagine adding Christiano into that mix (Chouri├žo with Gouda)!
And then there was last night! The Turks seemed to have learnt from the AC Milan - Liverpool match that took place in Istanbul. Last night's finish was reminiscent of the time when Manchester United pipped Bayern at the post inthe Nou Camp. What a game, what a tournament and it makes me realise that our Information and Broadcasting Minister, also the man responsible for not letting the game grow in India is a complete twat. I'm sure with the new 'austerity' program on, he won't go to Vienna for the Finals (bets anyone? I've got dosh going on The Netherlands) but then again I don't think UEFA gives finals tickets to non-descript football associations.

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