Monday, June 16, 2008


You must have read stories about celebrity blogs, Laloo using his to get a political point across, Aamir well basically trying to remind everyone he still exists (what is that Samsung ad all about?) and Amitabh, well is like any cranky old man, because he is one. But, nothing is as bitchy as this one - RGV hates movie critics.
Most entertaining, and it takes the rather long fight between movie-makers and critics to an all-new level online. But, how on earth is the guy going to deal with a whole generation of online critics (and I'm not just talking Greatbong here who has given the movie a complimentary review) - you can be petty and claim all sorts of things but when the viewing (paying) public don't exactly lavish the movie with praise (possibly because the movie might be a bit high-brow perhaps, reading the tone of the reviews), can't you just admit something is wrong - just because the Times can't make up its mind about your film doesn't mean its good. The Times gives everything a decent grade, think of the Times as a teacher who hates making her students fail.
But back to the point, RGV has started a very dangerous trend over here, if you attack me online I have to fight back. But then again, I think RGV has had enough of bad reviews (of bad movies like James, which I actually wasted three hours watching. Long story, don't ask) so he just decided to let a post rip, and what a rip. It would be great fun to watch to watch a full-on internet flame war in India. This would make the saga of the Ponytail look pale in comparison. By the way, if someone looks into Ponytail's pieces you'll probably find the man contradicts himself with alarming regularity.
Anyway, I'm probably just going to wait until it comes out on some TV channel or another, though I have a funnty feeling it will be exclusive content on Anil Ambani's new DTH venture which will be launched soon.


Anonymous said...

What are the confused old men upto these days? Is your embargo still in place? Is this a proverbial lull before the storm?

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