Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Given that this blog seems to have a life of its own, people constantly send me requests or comments pushing their new web properties (A Google PageRank of 4/10 isn't half bad, but I will not use it indiscriminately). Guys and Girls, I'm sure some of that stuff is very good, and I must tell you some of the stuff that gets sent is nothing but a bad copy and while I completely agree that there is a lack of good content online in India, duplicate websites are not the way forward, even though some VC's I have spoken to argue about 'concept arbitrage' - the market is in content creation. Get maniacal nutcases who love slamming a keyboard, clicking pictures and taking pictures on-board and that's that! Keep on sending me stuff, but don't expect me to write about them.

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Anonymous said...

an acquaintance who runs a one-man bureau for a pink paper in one of the southern outposts recently was wondering if he could request this blogger to carry a line advertising vacancies in his team.... I guess you should start thinking "revenue streams"!