Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is a response to an unpublished comment (yes, I read all of them) pointing out something ironic about Microsoft - I did not gloss over that, I did read the entire post and all the collective comments. I am not surprised about the story and while I will not do a Pontius Pilate, let me just say, there are stories that you conceptualise and write and then there are some which you don't. Yes, it gets your byline and then all you can do is grin and bear it, because you've just been 'cockpunched'!
Oh well...


Anonymous said...

So, if that is the case. By acknowledging this you have raised a much larger integrity issue regarding everyone associated (however remotely, and you know who I'm refering to...) with it?

The allegory about the first stone comes to mind.

Pontification doesn't suit you.

Will you now stop talking about Pvt Treaties in every other post?

How about talking about insider trading in media from the illustrious channel that specialises in drivel in the name of stock market analysis?

For eg how was Ranbaxy climbing all the while the indices where falling?;range=5d;compare=^bsesn

Anonymous said...

since we have gone biblical, i think you meant Judas.

Pontius Pilate had to do something he didn't want to. you on the other hand...