Wednesday, June 04, 2008

So will you drive less now?

Well, fuel prices have gone up and expect saturation coverage about fuel across the television channels. Of course you will hear that government had no choice, because they really didn't but some Leftie crackpot will claim that the common man will get hit. But the Leftie will be right also (though this 'common man' notion is still rather suspect), inflation, always a fairly dubious measure in our country will touch double-digit numbers pretty soon, actually the moment the rise in fuel prices gets reflected into consumer price figures. It will be quite fascinating to see the spin that is put on this. Of course, the guys who had planned to litter reams of newsprint with poorly researched Environment stories tomorrow (it is World Environment Day after all tomorrow) will see them relegated.
So will you drive less @ Rs 50 a litre (in Delhi) than you did at Rs 45?


Anonymous said...

At least there is a little joy in the inflation story for most of your readers. I guess a lot would have taken housing loans, and with banks unable to increase interest rates, fixed rate loans taken at 7-10% suddenly look very nice, when compared with inflation levels of 10%:)

Which Main? What Cross? said...

We in Bangalore have been living with Rs 50+ petrol for some time. The guzzling only increased. From today it's Rs. 58 a litre. Will it make a difference?